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 Work pilot helps your organisation in challenging situations

In seafaring a pilot is someone who helps ships to navigate safely into a harbor or out to the sea. Captain of the ship remains in charge, but listens to the counsel of the pilot.

I use the term work pilot (in Finnish "työluotsi") to describe my approach to supporting different organisations and workplaces in their development challenges. I act as a pilot, a counsellor and listen to your issues related to work and ways of working. Then I tell you what I see and think and I challenge you to think fresh. In this I use different tools, which include work counselling (aka. work supervision), coaching, consultation, training and mentoring. 

By profession I am work counsellor for executives and managers and a certified executive coach (ACC/ICF). In my earlier career I have worked as a manager for 10 years in the international forest sector, many more years as an expert and advisor. Over the years I have developed an interest and expertise in organisational development, leadership and management, and wellbeing at work. 

As a work pilot I focus in a few specific areas:

These are not exhaustive. My approach is to tailor my support to the needs of your organisation. If you want to know what I can offer, let me know what your challenge is. I analyse the situation and give you my proposal on the way forward.

I am multilingual (Finnish, English, Spanish, Swedish, German). I have a quiet meeting room in downtown Joensuu, Finland and can also travel as needed. 



Do ask me more, I am happy to tell about Work Pilot services and tools. My contact data is below. You can also easily send me a message via the contact form on the right. 

Phone: +358 50 433 9049

email:  tomi.tuomasjukka@tyoluotsi.fi

skype: tomi_tuomasjukka



See more about me at Linked-In, direct link here.